The CRIG is promoting interoperability of repositories with other services during a roadshow in the summer of 2008. It will be doing this by setting up a “Developer Lounge” where people will be encouraged to stop by and pitch their innovative technology ideas. The primary motive of this Roadshow is to interface repositories with other *non-repository* services for the purpose of finding out how repositories can better integrate in the current scholarly landscape.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

We'll win back all the money on the craps table!

We (Ben, Dave and myself, soon to be joined by Tim) have made it to Vegas for #crigshow (CRIG Roadshow); where we hope to be entertaining you all (and maybe learning a thing or two about interfacing repositories with other systems). I've devided to bring along the little videoblog cam to annoy Ben, Dave and Tim with as we go. Hopefully some moments of brilliance, but most likely moments of silliness (due to lack of sleep and jetlag), as is the first post after being awake for +17 hours plus.

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Ten hours on a flight and I've lost the ability to control my inner monologue!

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