The CRIG is promoting interoperability of repositories with other services during a roadshow in the summer of 2008. It will be doing this by setting up a “Developer Lounge” where people will be encouraged to stop by and pitch their innovative technology ideas. The primary motive of this Roadshow is to interface repositories with other *non-repository* services for the purpose of finding out how repositories can better integrate in the current scholarly landscape.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Prototype: Extracting and Finding Algorithms from Research Papers

In being at this conference we've discovered that algorithms seem to be the lingua franca for networking the multiple disciplines.  In this prototype we explore the possibility of creating a search service for algorithms so as to locate them within research papers.  We also discussed the possiblity of being able to create links between algorithms based on other algorthms within research papers.  Looking at Google Code Search seems to be a good model to follow for this search engine.  

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