The CRIG is promoting interoperability of repositories with other services during a roadshow in the summer of 2008. It will be doing this by setting up a “Developer Lounge” where people will be encouraged to stop by and pitch their innovative technology ideas. The primary motive of this Roadshow is to interface repositories with other *non-repository* services for the purpose of finding out how repositories can better integrate in the current scholarly landscape.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

ReST-ORE (Low Level Storage API)

Ben talks about how to enable a low level storage API for all basic repository / content management systems.


Bruce said...

Would have been nice to have made these videos available in a more open format. Is there any particular reason you did not?

Ben O'Steen said...

The only reason they are up in the format that they are, was for convenience - uploading as we went mainly. Finger's crossed that Dave Flander's kept the originals - if so, I'll push him to post them somewhere. (but the quality is definitely what you see here)

Does runs through gnash okay?

Dan said...

There's this thing called amazon S3.
would that not suffice?